lloyd McMullen / CV

Professional Affiliations/Activities

ScaleHouse Project, November 2013 to present.

Atelier 6000, Print Associate/Teacher, including OSU Branch of the Cascades, Central Oregon Community  College, Cascades Academy classes. Atelier 6000 is a Fine Art/ Print Studio, Bend, OR. 2008 to present.

Cannon Beach Arts Association, Member, 2014 to present.

Ozone Fine Arts, Newport, OR.  January 2014 to 2016.

Bend, Winterfest, Juror, Fire Pit art competition, Bend, OR.  February 2014.

135 UP! gallery , Founding member, Bend, OR.  December 2006 – June 2008.

Cascade a&e, Member advisory board for Central Oregon monthly arts publication, June 1995 – March 2009.

Young Musicians & Artists, Visual Arts Program Director (2009);  Visual Arts Instructor for 10 – 18 year-old students,two-week resident art program; Willamette University, Salem, OR. July 2005 – 2010.

North Star Academy, Interim Art Teacher, Bend, OR.  February 2008.

Tumalo Community School, Visual Arts Projects, Tumalo, OR. February 2008; May 2006.

Artists Local 101, Co-founder of 501C3 exploring/instigating outsider/contemporary art in Central Oregon. 2000-2010.

Global Arts Project, Regional Coordinator. 2002, 2004.

Avenida Art & Frame, Bend, OR.  January 1999 – 2002.



Trashformations, Artwork selected from construction event for exhibition every year of the fourteen year event.

The Stolen Image, Atelier 6000. Third Place: “Swimming North”.

Art Redux, Mirror Pond Gallery, subsequent years: “Creative Eye Award”; Third Place Award; Juror’s Choice Award.

Membership has its Privilege, Mirror Pond Gallery. Bob Sant Award.

Central Oregon Viewpoint, Mirror Pond Gallery. Juror’s Choice Award.

Central Oregon Community College Student Art Show.  Jewelry selected for Juror’s Choice Award.

Collage of Culture, Madras Oregon, Juror’s Choice Award.

Western Images and Symbols, Mirror Pond Gallery. Selected for invitational exhibit at Art Adventure Gallery, Madras, Oregon.

Central Oregon Arts Society Traveling Exhibit. One of 10 artists selected for yearlong statewide traveling exhibit.

Central Oregon Arts Association Members Opening, Mirror Pond Gallery.


Selected Exhibitions/Events

So Far/As I know, Solo exhibition, Pence Gallery, Central Oregon Community College, Bend,OR. April 2018.

Tin Pan Alley Mural project. Installation, downtown Bend. June 2017 to present.

12” x 12”, Cannon Beach Art Association Gallery, CBAA, Cannon Beach, OR. July 22 – August 20, 2017.

Mixed Media, Three- person show, Bend. June 25 – July 1, 2017.

Furniture Flip, Reclaimed materials construction art. Bend. April 2015 – 2018.

High Fiber, Wearable Art Runway, Sisters, OR.  April 1, 2017.

HeART of the Matter, Bend.  February 2017.

CBAA Annual Miniatures Exhibit, Cannon Beach Art Gallery, December 2016 – January 2017.

Pentimento, Literally, Two Person Exhibit. Bend. November 2016.

MUSE, invited artist for MUSE event exhibition.  Liberty Theatre Gallery, Bend. March 6 – March 29, 2016.

Oxford Hotel, Bend, OR. February 26 – March 29, 2015.

Tiny Hey, TBD, Bend, OR. October 2 – November   2015

Object Afterlife, MECCA, Eugene, OR.  August 22 – September 25, 2015

Art of the West, High Desert Museum, Bend, OR.  August 1 – 29, 2015

Changing Nature, Installation of two and three-dimensional art for annual Green show, Cannon Beach Art Gallery, Cannon Beach Arts Association, Cannon Beach. April 3 – 26, 2015.

Art at Franklin Crossing, Bend, Or. April 2015. May 2015.

ReNEW, ReClaim, and ReMIND, Ozone Fine Arts, Newport, OR.  January 11, 2014 – March 22, 2014, January 17 – March 2015

The Delia Project, Solo show of small canvases, Bend, December 5 – 31, 2014

Glimpses, CBAA Annual Miniatures Exhibit. November 7 – December 12, 2014

Sacred ARTifacts, Ozone Fine Arts.  October 27 – November 2014.

Team Steamroller Printing, Printing event and instruction of art teams, Atelier 6000, September 12 – 14, 2014.

Figure Ground, Atelier 6000. September 2014.

Base Camp Painting Marathon, 26.2 hour-event: Public painting/ completing large canvas for auction benefiting Base Camp program, downtown Bend, OR.  September 2013/ September 2014.

Floatables & Flyables, Atelier 6000. June 2014.

ART of Science and Language, Ozone Fine Arts.  May 24 – June 23, 2014

Trashformations @ Pakit, Artists Local 101/Pakit Liquidators annual art construction event/ juried exhibitions.  Bend.    April/ May 2000 – 2014.

Spectrum, Ozone Fine Arts.  March 22 – April 9, 2014

OCCFA panel exhibit, Ozone Fine Arts, January 2014 – March 22, 2014.

Nicaragua Art Exchange, Rise Up International project, Condega, Nicaragua.

Installation January/February 2014.

Red show, Cannon Beach Art Gallery. Feb 1 – 24, 2014.

Pop-up Library, Brooklyn Art Coop, Sketchbook project, Whythe Hotel, New York. January 2014.

Birds & Bees, Two person exhibit, Bend, OR. October 2013.

2 x 4, 501C3 fundraiser event, Atelier 6000, Bend, OR.  October 2013.

ETP2, (Educators that Print too), Atelier 6000. June/July 2013.

Collograph/ Print show, Atelier 6000. March 2013.

Spring flock, installation project, downtown Bend, OR.  March 2013.

Above & Below the Surface, Collograph exhibit, Atelier 6000. February 2013.

Snow Sculpture, Snow Lantern, Bend Winterfest, UpFront event, Bend, OR.  February 14 -17, 2013.

Art Blox Project, Mary Lou Zeek Gallery, Salem, OR.  January 2013.

Mapping the Contemporary, a pop-up gallery by Atelier 6000/Old Mill District, Bend, OR.  December 2012 – February 2013.

Branching Out, Atelier 6000. December 2012 – January 2013.

Boardwalk, Art Installation project, Larkspur Trail, Bend.  September 2013 – present.

Inked Surfaces, Atelier 6000 Members print show, Townsend TeaHouse, Bend, OR. December 2012.

Art & Craft, Atelier 6000.  May 2012.

Cross Culture, Art Crank “Caminata” art installation; High Desert Gallery, Bend, OR. October 2011.

The Stolen Image, Atelier 6000. March 2011.

It’ll Be Fun, I Promise, Print exchange, Brooklyn Art Library, Art House Co-op  September 2011

Cross Culture, One of 30 artists selected for Fine Art Print exhibition at TBD Loft.  December 2010.

Solo art exhibit at Clutch, Bend, OR.  December 2010 – March 2011.

The Canvas Project, Brooklyn Art House.  Includes published “encyclopedia” of art. December 2010 – January 2011.

Tied Trees, art installation Gossamer the Knitting Place/Kaleidoscope, Bend, OR. December 2010.

CAM Biennial, Coos Art Museum, Coos Bay, OR. October 1 – November 27, 2010.

Print of the Month, Atelier 6000. Selected to create hand-pulled fine art print for Collectors’ Circle. October 2010.

Under Pressure, “Steamroller” printing event. Atelier 6000. Invitational, one-day large format printing event; month-long exhibition/auction.  September 2007 – 2010.

Art for the Gulf, Salem Art Association benefit art exhibition in Project Space, Salem, OR.  July 2010.

Pretty. Ugly. Three-artist invitational show, Atelier 6000. April 2010.

Page Turner, Contemporary Artists Books,  Burien Art Gallery, Seattle, WA, March 2010.

On the Cutting Edge Collage & Assemblage Exhibition, Coos Art Museum. December 2009 – February 2010.

Bugaboo,  Atelier 6000. April 2009.

Empty Nest, Installation at Atelier 6000. June – September 2009.

The Artful Beauty of Science, Rotunda Gallery, Robert L. Barber Library Rotunda Gallery, Central Oregon Community College. September 15 – November 14, 2008.

Boardz, skateboard deck/art exhibition, Bend. January 2010.

Illustration. Crossing the Line, Juried exhibit, Atelier 6000. October 30 – November 22, 2008.

Aviary, solo exhibition. Bend Fall Art Hop, Bend. October 2008.

Enlightenment, Knitted/found object art installation at Gossamer: the Knitting Place. September 2008 – May 2010.

The Paper show, Invitational at Atelier 6000. June 2008.

A Conversation Between Dimensions, Two-person exhibit with sculptor with Danae Bennett Miller, 135 UP!.  May 2008.

Food For Thought, “A Sorted Past: illustrated history…” Autobiographical art talk/slide show

Deschutes County Library. May 7, 2008

First Anniversary show, 135 UP!, Prints, ‘zines and small works. December 2007.

Tree Kimono, installation at Gossamer: the Knitting Place, Bend. November 2007 – June 2008.

Altared Books/Altared Stations, COCC/Artists Local 101 event. Robert D. Barber Library Rotunda Gallery, Central Oregon Community College. November 2007. COCC Pence Gallery, October – November 2006.

Art of Tarot,  Artists Local 101 show, Bend. October 2007.

Mixing Media, Two-person show with Danae Bennett Miller: mixing 2D/3D pieces, 135 UP!, Bend.  J June 2007

Mayhem 2007, Artery 35, Bend.  May 18, 2007.

135 UP!, Opening exhibit: one of founding members of coop gallery. Bend. December 2006.

Neighbor Needs a Coat, installation. November 2005 – May 2006.

Dia de los Muertos, Annual exhibit honoring the Day of the Dead; Maude Kerns Art Center, Eugene, OR. October 2006.

Random Acts of Art, Guerrilla style installation/ performing art at Bend Fall Festival. October, 2006.

The Shoe Show,  Artists Local 101 exhibit, Bend. September 2006.

Art X 3, Exhibit with Sweet Pea Cole, Tara Doherty; Community Theatre of the Cascades, Bend. August 2006.

Mayhem, performance/visual/conceptual art event.  Green Energy Transportation/Artists Local 101, downtown Bend. May 25, 2006.

Spontaneous Combustion, the Firehouse Gallery, Del Rio Council for the Arts, Texas. June 2005

Founding Members, Invitational exhibit, 10th year anniversary of Mirror Pond Gallery, Bend, October 2004.

Art Infusion, Invited to work with chemo patient to create art piece for permanent display at St. Charles Medical Center, Bend. Fall 2004 – present.

Circular Logic, Frame Design & Sunbird Gallery/Bend Downtowners/Cascades Cycling Classic, Bend. July 2004.

Shoozam, Juried art exhibit,  Mirror Pond Gallery. June 2004.

Excess Baggage, Juried show. Pence Gallery, Central Oregon Community College.  May – June 2003

The inscape of us, Invitational exhibit/collaboration, Mirror Pond Gallery.  February – March 2003.

Dia de los Muertos,  One of six artists invited to exhibit/ consecutive year, Cup of Magic, Bend, November 2002 – 2003